13th Hour Magazine is the Haunt/Entertainment Industry's Hottest, Most Influential, Most Interesting and Informative Publication. 13th Hour is Published by Imagination Publications, LLC; a company that has earned a reputation for producing the highest quality, most unique magazines in the world of publishing. The Imagination Publications Team is constantly on a "Quest To Be Best." 13th Hour Magazine vividly stands apart from other magazines. It is Big, Bold & Colorful. 13th Hour has undeniably earned the position as the World's Finest Haunt, Attraction, Costume & Technology Publication. We consider this recognition a huge honor… and we graciously thank our Readers for that honor.  
      Maybe the most anticipated happening in the Industry… the 13th Hour Awards. This spectacular, once-a-year publication of 13th Hour Magazine honors deserving members of the industry in the 13th Hour Awards Annual Special Edition. This is the Issue that every Haunted House owner, Attraction owner, Theme Park Director, Actor (Haunt & Hollywood) and Producer anxiously awaits.
The 13th Hour Awards recognize the absolute Best of the Best throughout the Industry! The World's Best Haunts, Theme Parks, Vendors and Promotions… all recognized by their peers and 13th Hour Magazine. 13th Hour Awards also salute the Best Dark Rides, Dark Art, Photography, Novels, Music, Films and more in this extraordinary Issue.




      13th Hour's 13th Page features a different haunting quote from a world famous or infamous source in each and every Issue. Rest assured that whatever the quote may be, whom ever it may have come from… the words that appear on the 13th Page will be haunting words for you to ponder.



      Nothing sums up 13th Hour Magazine like Alter Ego. In this incredible section we feature the foundation of Haunts… actors. Let's face it; it is indeed the actors who make our events come to life. Props, animatronics, special effects, lighting, music and set design are vital to the welfare of our events. But it is the actor that breathes the life into the show… or scares the life out of our guests.
Alter Ego goes beyond profiling a character actor (of course we do that, too) but we also profile the other side of our actors. We take an interesting approach to interviewing the monsters behind the masks. Sam the sales guy by day; Sam the Slasher by night. From factory workers to Company CEO's, you are certain to be entertained by 13th Hour's Alter Ego.

      In addition to great actors, one of the most significant parts of our business (and most businesses), yet one of the least exposed, are the people Behind the Scenes. In this very important section of 13th Hour Magazine we recognize those people. From lighting experts, to construction crews, from makeup professionals to technicians, 13th Hour distinguishes the VIPs of our business. Let's face it; these are the folks who make our shows real. These are the people who make our events come to life. They live and die behind the scenes… and without them we would die in front of our audiences. Their stories are real, and real interesting. You'll amass great information from this unique 13th Hour Section and you will also realize substantial benefits from the experiences shared by the folks who live… Behind the Scenes.

      Creature Feature is one of 13th Hour's most referred to Sections. Creature Feature takes its name from the popular baby boomer weekend television show that so many in the entertainment world enjoyed years ago. In 13th Hour's Creature Feature you will find killer, heart-stopping animatronics; the Industry's largest, most amazing; and often most creative animated creatures. Furthermore, in this special 13th Hour Section we present you the lowdown on important vitals related to these featured monsters including: information about the manufactures, pricing, durability, popularity and entertainment value.

      Creature Feature also provides interesting insight from the creators themselves on how each creature comes into being; and how those great creatures can be utilized in your haunt or attraction for maximum scares and/or entertainment. Creature Feature affords attraction owners an opportunity to discover valuable information and insight into these larger-than-life creatures and often assists them in making decisions for purchases in their Attractions. Obviously there are many reasons why Creature Feature has become one of the most popular Regular Sections in 13th Hour.


      Crypt Keeper is another extremely popular Department admired by 13th Hour readers. Crypt Keeper profiles a well-known personality within the Haunt Industry in every single Edition. From humble beginnings to wealth, fame and success; Crypt Keeper shares their lives, careers, set backs and achievements with you. Crypt Keeper… do not miss the opportunity to learn about the Who's Who of the Industry.

      Anyone and everyone who loves a great scary illusion typically ask themselves, "How do they do that?" That's exactly what 13th Hour Magazine's Dark Secrets is all about! We'll show you step by step how to recreate the illusions that Master Haunters, magicians and illusionists have developed and created over the years. We will show you exactly how to build these fantastic illusions from the ground up. Each minute detail is listed, from what kind of tools and materials to use to exact construction measurements. Then we reveal to you each step as we reproduce the illusion on the pages right before your eyes. 13th Hour's Dark Secrets… unveiled just for you!



FACE TO FACE: : celebrity interviews
      What's more interesting than a Face to Face Interview with your favorite Celebrity? Nothing is the right answer. That's exactly why readers enjoy Face To Face so much. Take your favorite Celebrity and an insightful and ultra-creative interviewer asking way off the wall questions and what do you get? Fun, Cursing, Lies, Attitude, Sincerity, Laughs… just about everything you can imagine. Face To Face; definitely worth the cost of a subscription by itself.

      Another ongoing feature in 13th Hour is Fear Feature. Covering a myriad of topics, this feature fits 13th Hour perfectly. It gives our Editorial Team the opportunity to branch out and offer our Readers a diversity of subjects. Fear Feature is just one more means of preventing 13th Hour from ever becoming stagnant or stayed. Engaging editorial, fresh design opportunities and always emotion evoking photography. Fear feature, our readers love reading it… we love producing it.

      13th Hour Magazine's Ghost Writer Page offers leaders in our industry the chance to spout off and share their knowledge, expertise and experiences with our readers. These popular professionals continue to have a significant influence on the Haunt & Attraction Industries… and they continue to share their wealth of information with peers and other industry professionals. The Ghost Writers speak to you bluntly and directly and always in their own words. Many readers immediately flip to this very popular 13th Hour Page to find out who the new Ghost Writer is; and exactly what they have to say. Ghost Writer, straight from the experts' mouths!

GROSS ANATOMY: masks, costumes & makeup
      Gross Anatomy offers the 13th Hour reader Content, Content, Content. A special Department dedicated to various parts of the Haunt Anatomy. Specifically speaking, this Department will debut one, two and sometimes even three stories relating to Masks, Costumes & Makeup. An enormous amount of information compiled by and introduced by mask makers, costume manufacturers, seamstresses, makeup artists, makeup manufacturers and other industry experts.

      Gross Anatomy is the perfect section if you are looking for tips, strategies and professional secrets. It's also the perfect resource for those who are interested in keeping up with the latest in anything and everything that make your actor's appearance better and more believable.

      A Special Section of 13th Hour that is dedicated to the most important thing we can do… keep our guests (and employees) safe. Nothing will destroy the industry or those of us in the industry quicker than a catastrophe. We scare people, we screw with people, we make people wet themselves… because we love people. We are dedicated to entertaining people and to bringing them life-enhancing experiences. The last thing that we want is to hurt someone, or to have someone get hurt because of our failure to do things right. We must continually educate ourselves and make an ongoing, everlasting commitment to keeping people safe. At 13th Hour we realize how important safety is to you and we are committed to providing you ongoing education and useful knowledge on safety issues. Crucial reading material for every caring and compassionate Haunt owner and operator… in a nicely packaged, easy to read Section of 13th Hour; Haunt Safety.

      Haunted City Spotlight is fun, interesting and educational. 13th Hour has devoted this Section to showcase a specific city's haunts, attractions and areas of related interest. Haunted City Spotlight appears in each issue of 13th Hour and can be a valuable resource when visiting those cities. 13th Hour makes every attempt to tie that City to related events that may be happening during the corresponding Edition of 13th Hour.

      Haunted City Spotlight is a valuable resource when you travel; it offers a wealth of information, a great mix of entertainment and things to do in very special areas around the country. Don't leave home without it!

      Hollywood is powerful… and 13th Hour harnesses that power as it shows you different ways that you can introduce Hollywood into your Attraction. Of course we know that you are already doing it. Of course we know that you've been doing it for years. We just want to help you do it a little better. Hollywood's Influence is the perfect section for the student of haunt. Those who continue to learn, regardless of how good they have become or how much they already know, rave about this special regular Feature. Experts of the industry- this section is dedicated to you!

      113th Hour's Industry Tips proves to be another valuable How To Section; helping Haunters improve the scare factor (and other vital areas) of their Haunts and/or Attractions. With the help of Industry experts we show you how these tips can be achieved and in a variety of ways that are not cost prohibitive. Using props to a better advantage, building a better illusion or using lighting to enhance a particular set design or effect… these are just a few of the ways Industry Tips assist Haunt Owners to take their Attractions to the next level. These valuable tips will serve you over and over for many scares to come.

      If you are a buyer this Section was made for you. An easy to understand Regular Feature that is graphics oriented, easy to read and very informational. Latest/Greatest Products & Services presents you with exactly that… the latest and the greatest products and services in the Industry. This is the perfect section to refer to after a convention or show when you didn't have the chance or time to see everything that you wanted to see or if you saw products but because you were so overwhelmed that you forgot about them; or if you were not able to get to the show at all. This is when 13th Hour becomes your "Convention between Covers." The perfect brain bumper and research tool for the Latest/Greatest in the Haunt Industry.

      This is 13th Hour's opportunity to help the new guys and gals. Our country was built on entrepreneurialism and the spirit of free enterprise. 13th Hour Magazine will support that effort with its essence… for we know that free enterprise is not free (nor is it even inexpensive). Therefore we have pledged to help the "well intended" small business owners whom have entered into the scary business of the scare business. We will attempt to do our part in lending them a helping hand by exposing them and their products and services as well as by networking them with great people in the Industry. We hope you will join us in this important venture of helping New Ventures and promoting forever the true American Entrepreneurial Spirit!

      13th Hour Magazine takes lurid pleasure in looking at people's phobias or fears. We take even greater pleasure sharing those phobias with you since phobias are such a great idea generator for the industry. In this ongoing Regular Section the 13th Hour Editorial Team carefully selects a specific phobia and exposes the reasons and ways that people are consumed by that unique fear. We examine these phobias by looking into their origins and some of the oddities associated with them. People do some strange things when faced with their phobia nemesis. The more you understand the human psyche the better you will become at getting inside the heads of your guests; and the more you know about Phobias the more you know about how to scare the living hell out of them. A great section… but only if you like to scare people!

      Props & Gadgets are two paralleling but somewhat different sections of 13th Hour Magazine. Our readers have claimed these two areas to be extremely significant to them. In these two sections we feature items (both props and gadgets) that every Haunt owner will need from day one. The objective of these Sections is to feature the most cost effective, most useful and best suited gadgets and props available today.

      13th Hour highlights various gadgets from lighting to electronics, from lightning boxes to infrared devices. We review Gadgets that help to enhance the experience of your guests. As far as props go, we feature the best of the best. We get to know the prop makers and suppliers personally (and in-depth) so that we can take the guesswork out for you. We personally review most of these props ourselves and interview prop makers and users of these props.

      We talk with both suppliers and users to get feedback on what works, what doesn't… what is affordable and what's not. In essence, we do your homework for you so that you don't have to… and in today's world of complicated gadgets that can be a really good thing. Our goal: save you both time and money.


      Imagination Publications' very own Master Chef is cooking up a very tasty Special Section for you: Fabulous Foods, from Famous Francois. In this Regular Section Chef Francois Moyet creates world-class dishes and shows you, step-by-step how to do it yourself. These recipes are designed to enhance your season, delight your taste buds and improve your life, or at the very least offer you unforgettable Culinary Delight.

      Everyone loves great set design but few actually achieve it. As an industry we talk about "Hollywood sets" all the time… but rarely do we hit that standard. 13th Hour is changing this by showing Attraction owners the ins and outs of sets in a very special Set Design Section. We bring in Hollywood's best set designers, we interview the industries best set builders and we research the best approaches and materials available. And we do all of this to help you to accomplish one thing, getting great Set Design in your Attraction.

      If you want to make an impression on your guests like never before, read all about the very best in Set Design… in 13th Hour Magazine.

      Once a year, every year, a very Special Edition of 13th Hour Magazine is published and Haunts from across the country are featured in what is known as the "Showcase of Haunts." The "Showcase of Haunts" is presented in an Advertorial Style and offers readers an interesting array of bios on a variety of fun haunts. From Public Mega-Haunts to Not-For-Profit Haunts, From small Home Haunts to large Home Haunts, from Theme Parks to Scream Parks. An entire collection of great attractions: all differing in size, style and geographic location yet all interesting and entertaining. This Annual Special Edition of 13th Hour delivers the largest collection of Attractions that you'll find anywhere… and all packaged in a Special Edition that you won't want to miss.

      13th Hour Magazine's Special FX speaks to Haunters large & small. Special FX is an instructional piece that delves into the use of specific special effects and the how to of maximizing scares, enhancing entertainment values and increasing your wows. Top leaders in the industry share with you a myriad of techniques, special effects products, how they work, how to best utilize them, applications and how to get the very best results from these useful tools. The Special FX writers share with you the ins and outs of the latest in special effects. Read it and Reap!

      The Tour of Terror is undoubtedly the most vivid pictorial tour of a haunt ever developed. Tour of Terror features only America's Very Best Haunted Attractions. This larger-than-life, colorful editorial experience is literally like taking a journey through the selected Haunted Attraction itself.

      Before selecting an Attraction, Haunts from across the country and throughout the world are carefully scrutinized and reviewed by the 13th Hour Editorial Team. Out of the thousands of attractions world-wide, only the best of the best are placed on our "final consideration list." Only three Haunted Attractions per year will appear in the Tour of Terror. Needless to say, any Haunt featured in this popular 13th Hour Section deserves bragging rights. That's why America's New Age Haunt Owners are dying to be spotlighted in the next Tour of Terror. We highly recommend that you visit any Tour of Terror Haunt featured in 13th Hour. You'll be wowed, educated, inspired… and never will you be disappointed.

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