13th Hour Magazine is undoubtedly the world’s finest haunt, attraction, costume and technology publication. Building upon a long history of publishing the highest quality publications imaginable, the team at Imagination Publications has quickly become an integral part of the haunt industry. With world-class design and the most informative and entertaining articles, 13th Hour Magazine is a must have for any haunted house owner or vendor.

Articles in 13th Hour Magazine range in topics from interviews with celebrities in the haunt world to recipes you can cook to share with friends, family and attraction goers. Looking for the world’s best masks? Go no further than 13th Hour Magazine’s Gross Anatomy section. Need a killer animatronic for your haunted attraction? 13th Hour Magazine’s Creature Feature spotlights a different animatronic from some of the greatest animatronic companies each issue.

Take a visual tour of one of the best haunted houses in America in the Tour of Terror section. Tour of Terror takes the reader on a pictorial tour of the attraction, highlighting some of the most unique and terrifying aspects of the featured attraction. 13th Hour Magazine features a haunted attraction only 3 times a year, making those selected truly the top haunted houses in America.

Speaking of the best of haunt, the 13th Hour Awards honor the best of everything in the haunt community. Awards are presented for the Best Haunted Attraction, the Best Haunt Vendors, including animatronic makers, mask makers, dark ride manufacturers, prop and set designers, costumers and new products, the Best Promotion of a Haunted Attraction, the Best Theme Parks and Amusement Parks, The Best Dark Artists and Entertainers, The Best Dark Art and Photography, the Best Dark Novels, Music, Movies, Magic, Stage Shows and Comedy, and the Best Of Halloween, including the Best Halloween Party of Event, the Best House that is Haunted, Favorite Halloween Recipe, Favorite Halloween Character, Favorite Halloween Treat of Candy and Favorite Halloween Music or Song. There’s only one way for you or your company to win one of these prestigious awards – fill out your nomination form on this website!

13th Hour Magazine is not just about haunted houses and the products that go into them. Some of the articles in 13th Hour Magazine are geared purely at entertaining the reader. The Face To Face Celebrity Interview is one of these sections. Who doesn’t like reading an interview with a celebrity the likes of the legendary Dee Snider? And who knows, there may be something in the interview that gives you an idea on how to improve your haunt or for a new product.

It seems that each year, the industry is introduced to more and more new products. Companies are utilizing new technology that has taken haunted house props to an amazing new level. An industry that was once dominated by horribly unrealistic masks has now reached a level where a person wearing a mask could hold a conversation with some one that would never even know the person they are talking to is wearing a mask. As technology continues to progress, products become more imaginative and realistic. 13th Hour Magazine recognizes these new products in the Latest And Greatest Products section. Be sure to check out this section in each issue to see the hottest new products on the market.

Products are not the only things new in the haunt industry. New companies that supply to haunted attractions are emerging as well. 13th Hour Magazine pays tribute to these entrepreneurs in the section New Ventures.

While featuring people who are new to the haunt society, 13th Hour Magazine also understands that the industry has a rich and interesting history. In our regular section, Crypt Keeper, we feature a prominent person within the haunt industry. We introduce you to the person behind the haunter, show you the ups and downs of their career, successes and failures, and of course, we remind you what makes this person important to the industry. These are the people that have paved the way for the new haunters and continue to carve the path of the industry.

13th Hour Magazine wants to know what you think! Sure, we have tons of story ideas, but what we want to deliver is the information haunt owners and vendors want to see. Feel free to submit your ideas for stories to our editorial team. Have a subject you want to spout off on? Submit a story and photos for our Ghost Writer story. What is the new product that you can’t wait for haunt owners to see? Submit it for inclusion in the Latest/Greatest section of 13th Hour Magazine. Are you opening a new attraction, did your company win an award, or do you have some exciting news you want to share with the rest of the haunt community? Pass the news on to us and maybe it will be featured in our Haunted Hearsay section. We encourage our readers to be a part of 13th Hour Magazine in any way possible.

A main facet of 13th Hour Magazine’s website is the Haunt Hunter™. Haunt Hunter™ is the world’s most extensive and comprehensive haunted attraction search. But we need your help to ensure that we have the most up to date information possible. If you own a haunt, go to the submission page and sign your haunt up for Haunt Hunter™. 13th Hour Magazine wants Haunt Hunter™ to be the best Haunted Attraction search engine in the world

Once the information for Haunt Hunter™ is compiled, users will be able to search Haunted Attractions using a multitude of criteria. It doesn’t matter what the user is looking for, Haunt Hunter™ will allow them to find it. Looking for the scariest haunted house in America, or the most confusing corn maze? How bout a scream park that has a haunted house, a hayride and a dark ride or two? Need something that is rather tame for that little one that doesn’t like to be scared? Or maybe you’re looking for someplace to go while on vacation. Haunt Hunter™ will allow you to find any of this. Search by type of attraction, from scary to child-friendly, from dark ride to corn maze, Haunt Hunter™ can show you all of these. The search by selected area will allow users to search for a haunted attraction that is within so many miles of their zip code or city as well as the typical search by state feature.

As 13th Hour Magazine continues to evolve with the industry, one thing will remain constant – a commitment to being the leading publication in the haunt industry. We will continue to deliver world-class design with informative and entertaining stories that provide haunted attraction owners and vendors with the information they need to continue to grow and improve the industry.
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